Medwyn has become a legend in the world of new age and instrumental music with over four million album sales to his credit. He has gained an international reputation for composing and recording quite stunning music. He is regarded as being amongst the finest multi-instrumentalist in the music industry. Inspired by nature, ancient mysteries and cultures, his music magically blends many acoustic instruments. Medwyn writes and records his music in his private studio in rural Cornwall. He plays over a dozen instruments and has evolved unique styles of instrumental music, which are highly melodic, deeply expressive and very inspiring. His music connects to your soul and his melodies can haunt you for days.

Medwyn taught himself how to play the Guitar at aged 10yrs and soon discovered the ability to learn other instruments quickly. He now plays well over 20 instruments.

In 2003 Medwyn became independent by launching his own new age record label “MG MUSIC”. Whilst continuing to produce his own music, he also manages many new artists from all over the world.

In 2010 Medwyn celebrated his 25th anniversary in the music business. Few artists have produced as much quality music of such diverse styles and wide spread appeal. His output has been extraordinary and his growing list of credits is a tribute to a lifetime dedicated to his craft.

Credits & Awards

Medicine Woman 1 -   ”The BEST NEW AGE ALBUM EVER” music critics/public voted.

1990 The acclaimed Druid trilogy
1992 Earth Healer voted leading album of the year
1992 Medicine Woman 1 Sales in excess of 450,000, Gold and Platinum awards
1993 Way of the Dolphin Sales in excess of 100,000, Gold Disc status
1993 Great Spirit Sales in excess of 100,000 Gold Disc status
1994 Nazca – Best Seller
1994 Dolphin Quest – Best Seller
1996 King Arthur – Best Seller
1997 Clan – Best Seller
1997 Medicine Woman 2 Sales in excess of 100,000 Gold disc status
1999 Millennium Best album of the year
1999 Comet no-1 in the USA radio charts
2000 Rhythm of the Ancients – Best Seller
2003 Medicine Woman III – Best Seller
2006 The Sorcerer’s Daughter – acclaimed international hit
2008 Earth Goddess – Best Seller
2009 Medicine Woman IV Prophecy – international best seller
2010 Clan III – acclaimed.
2010 25th Anniversary special
2011  Tears of the Dragon – Critical acclaim
2012 Earth Healer 2 – Best Seller
2012 Moon Goddess 2 – Best Seller

MEDWYN’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY – check out “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” under ”Books” genre section. Downloadable PDF format ready to read on most devices or print off.





  1. Kristina Sherling


    I have been in love with MG’s music since 1992 when I got Medicine Woman. I wound up losing 2 copies and bought a third, that is how much this music touches me. I find I can get into a zone no other sound or meditation can take me to. I can explore, listen, go places in my mind I used to go to as a younger person, that I cannot do now with the stress of coming senior years and all the responsibilities I have.

    I will be using this music to write a book by, hopefully about a topic that has been near and ear to me for well over 34 years. thank you Medwyn for all this inspiration and beauty.


  2. Catherine Whitaker


    I have owned Medicine Woman for 20 years now & today have downloaded this, how delighted am I that this incredible album is now easily available in every room in the house. Being a Yorkshire woman, and the same age as Medwyn, I’m sure that I can be forgiven for a) just finding it again, b) being frugal! This incredibly musically talented Yorkshire man has inspired, relaxed & carried me through some difficult times in my life through his wonderful music. Thank you Medwyn x

    ** reply:
    When she says ‘same age’ we are of course both 31yrs :)
    Hi Catherine, lovely message thank you. I am glad my music has been there for you.
    Best Wishes Always


  3. Anamika Nath


    Its really awesome to have such legends in this beautiful world who understands the nature and its deepness so well that they convey it through music. I am also very fond of music.
    And really like this web site . This is really divine and dazzling. I am really mesmerized to know about Mr Medwyn Goodall and his amazing talent. I wish you ( Medwyn Goodall ) all the very best for your all upcoming music compositions and also congratulations for all your biggest success.


    • Medwyn Goodall


      Hi Anamika,
      Thank you so much!


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