Turtle Island – Medwyn Goodall

Medwyn Goodall being interviewed by Morgana, about his new album -2013 – Turtle Island



(Morgana) Turtle Island is the third album to be released as part of your WILD series, why the title?

(Medwyn) Because otherwise it wouldn’t have a name!?

(….both share a blank stare and embarassing silence broken by the sound of a distant cat flap opening as a plump cat wedges itself in the opening.)

(Medwyn) I live in far down in Cornwall, UK, so I am surrounded by the Ocean and love the sea, so naturally I find myself paddling….I mean, writing! Yes – writing about the ocean every so many years. It started with Way of the Dolphin, then there was Way of the Ocean, Dolphin Quest, Timeless. It’s been quite a number of years since I have developed such an album and so it was an obvious attraction and choice for me for this series ( . . . and a good excuse to research all the ice cream on the beach).

I also love Turtles, such graceful creatures, gliding peacefully through the lagoons, coral and shallows.

(Morgana) During the last couple of years, you have released albums that could be said to be experimental in nature – namely, Knight, Taiko and the recent Emerald have all represented a departure from your established styles. Not so with Turtle Island, which seems to go right back to the original style of your first work, even before Druid. What has made you decide to explore this style again?


(Medwyn) I love to produce a sequel and return to very established styles that are popular with fans, but at the same time as an artist you need some distance and time away to try out different subjects, and to discover new ground. Usually they are one-off albums.


Turtle Island is an interesting mix of Emergence and Way of the Dolphin and the old electric guitar sound from my earliest albums like In the Stillness and Kindred Spirits. It has been so long since I left that style and those elements, I thought it would be interesting to create a mature, today’s approach. It’s impossible to go that far back and sound the same, but it is a nod to those early beginnings.


It is also because I am planning to create “Medicine Woman 5” next, which I want to be really special and VERY Medicine Woman in style, like the MW-1 MW-2. So Taiko, Emerald (Midori) and Turtle Island were the perfect and very different projects to do between the sequels of Earth Healer 2, Moon Goddess 2 and the forthcoming Medicine Woman 5.


(Morgana) Have you any plans to explore your musical roots further, any similar projects you’d like to do?


(Medwyn) Beyond Medicine Woman 5, I’d still like to re-visit GREAT SPIRIT with a direct sequel. I’d also like to take TEARS OF THE DRAGON out for another spin. I feel as though that sound and style has more mileage and growth yet to come.


(Morgana) Your regular listeners will notice a few sounds that they either haven’t heard before or haven’t heard for a long time. For any technical people out there, and without giving away any big secrets, what synth packages did you find useful to produce this album?


(Medwyn) Other than the Ovation Classical guitar and the natural electric guitar, most of the synth sounds came from BLUE, which is a lovely synth package by Rob Papen.


(Morgana) What message or feelings would you like to leave your listeners with after hearing Turtle Island?


(Medwyn). Peace. My most popular music tends to be rhythmic, south american influences, or Celtic, but this is the softest album I have produced in many years. It is gentle, soft, beautiful, like floating in a bay in the sun, or watching the waves and wildlife just letting your cares melt into the sand. It’s very healing, dream-like, and will really appeal to those that want the ambience and energy of the sea and a tropical island.


I love its simplicity and softness, it has been a long long time since I produced an album like this.


(Morgana) Finally, and as always, is there a question you’ve been burning to answer that I have failed to ask?

(Medwyn) Yes, the bowl you’ve been snacking from, did you know it was the cat’s biscuit bowl?



  1. salah


    the greatest artist ever
    the finest
    the purest
    thanks 4 giving me such a marvellous music


  2. aron


    love the indian album


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