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MUSIC FOR HEALTHY LIVINGTM presents AEOLIAH(pronounced Ay-oh-lee-ya)


Music For Healthy Living is committed to provide you with the highest quality inspirational and uplifting healing music, Visionary Art, and Books for your personal and spiritual journey of self-development and healing.

For over 25 years, Aeoliah’s music continues to have a wide appeal to many health professionals around the world. His healing music is known for its therapeutic qualities which has benefited many people throughout the world who work with his healing and meditation music privately, in hospitals, hospices and in-care centers. To date, Aeoliah has created over 30 musical recordings . He has also produced several self-help recordings consisting of guided imagery that is complemented by his meditation music.

Aeoliah’s music is also well-known among many celebrities for his effective healing techniques.
His belief that sound and light are spiritually energized, allows Aeoliah to compose many diverse rich musical compositions that bring so much joy, comfort, healing, and inspiration to millions of his fans.

“For over 30 years, I have studied the effect that different sounds and music have on the nervous system and how these affect our emotions and state of well being. This allowed me to develop a special system of harmonic tones and sound frequencies that correspond to different parts of the body and brain, helping greatly to reduce stress and imbalances in the body and nervous system.

I was able to create and perfect a very specialized sonic therapy that is the quickest and most effective means not only to de-stress, but to revitalize, harmonize, and rebalance our energy system mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I was starting to get letters from hospitals, clinics, chiropractors, yoga teachers, massage therapists, wellness centers, spas, and many people in general stating how much this music was helping them in ways they have never experienced music before. Not only did they love the music, but it also touched their inner core.

“Pure sound therapy at its best is music that helps us to refocus our attention on more positive thought forms by reducing high levels of stress and tension in our bodies and minds, harmonizing our emotions, and by increasing the universal life force essence, also known by the ancient Chinese as ‘Chi’. This helps to enhance the function of our immune system by rebalancing our endocrine system. It also helps to enrich our lives by allowing us to experience healthier feelings and thoughts. It helps shift our attention from the mundane world of habits, addictions , and conditioned behavior which have become limited and constricted, to a world of inspiration, beauty, inner peace, harmony, love, and freedom.” Aeoliah

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